Automatic Writing
November 2011
Incubator Arts Project

New York Girls
March 2012
Turin, Milan, Italy
workshop at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

New York Girls
June 2012
Issue Project Room, NYC


April 2011 (premiere)
Abrons Arts Center, NYC

January 2011 (preview)
Other Forces Festival, Incubator Arts Project, NYC


Duo Performances by Kara Feely and Travis Just
July 2010
Teatro Phoebe Zeitgeist, (Milano); 15 Febbraio, (Torino)

The Geometry
March – April 2010
The Chocolate Factory, NYC

Music by Travis Just
March 2010
Issue Project Room, NYC

Gun Sale
October 2009
Prelude Festival, NYC


Gun Sale
Japan Tour, June 2009
Loopline, Super Deluxe (Tokyo), chef d’oeuvre (Osaka), Urbanguild (Kyoto), Art Space Tetra (Fukuoka)

Problem Radical(s)
April – May 2009
Performance Space 122, NYC

Schooltime Compositions (Cornelius Cardew)
Election Day 2008 event
Ontological Theater, NYC

Music by Jennifer Walshe
September 2008
MATA Interval series, Issue Project Room, NYC


Problem Radical(s)
workshop performance
July 2008
Abrons Arts Center, NYC

8 Miles High (for Guido on Karl-Marx-Allee)
Japan Tour, May 2008
Loopline (Tokyo), Riverside (Fukuoka), Hall (Oita), Soap Gallery (Kokura)

Experimental Music
monthly music series
January – May 2008
Ontological Theater, NYC

Music by Travis Just
December 2007
Experimental Intermedia, NYC


Duo Performance by Kara Feely and Travis Just
July 2007
KuLe, Berlin

June 2007
Ontological Theater, NYC

Music by Cornelius Cardew, John Lely, and Travis Just
May 2007
Ontological Theater, New York

I-Fraction (vox nihili)
October 2006
AMBUSH Series/Chez Bushwick, New York


Chop Shop
experimental music and writing series
August 2006

Evoke memories of a golden age.
May 2006
Ontological Theater, NYC

L-shaped, not more than seven feet high.
December 2005
Podewil/TESLA, Berlin


Is this a gentleman?
July 2005
Ontological Theater, New York

Song Books (John Cage)
January 2004
Kunst Station Sankt Peter, Cologne