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I hope this is the future

Robert Ashley

Experimental theatricalist opera just the way such things should be and rarely are. Creators Kara Feely and Travis Just have created a sophisticated collision between elegant formal considerations and the disruptive garbage of a world going down the drain that is exciting and exhilarating. The spectator is swept away in its delirious mix and emerges clear and emotionally refreshed.

Richard Foreman

Object Collection, my favourite discovery of this year

Emily Bick, The Wire

new music wunderkinder

Time Out New York


New York Times

Object Collection…must be the new New York.


An Object Collection opera-in-overdrive is a lot to take in, and that’s the way Feely and Just like it.

Kurt Gottschalk, The Wire

compelling, disturbing, and shockingly beautiful.

Risa Shoup, Huffington Post

It's shows like this that shut down the NEA


Object Collection's bold, loud and dizzying productions are not to be missed.

Time Out New York