Automatic Writing

A live, staged adaptation of Robert Ashley’s seminal 1979 studio composition.

“I went toward the idea of sounds having a kind of magical function – of being able to actually conjure characters. It seemed to me that in a sort of psycho-physical sense sounds can actually make you see things, can give you images that are quite specific.”
– Robert Ashley on Automatic Writing

On a stage strewn with television monitors, video cameras, and dim pools of slowly shifting light, Object Collection invokes these four characters, crafting an environment that aims to heighten the enigma of the original.

Automatic Writing (1979, live version 2011)

composed by: Robert Ashley
adapted by: Travis Just and Kara Feely
directed and designed by Kara Feely
lighting by: Jonathan Cottle

Fulya Peker, voice
Quentin Tolimieri, keyboard
Aaron Meicht, vocal processing
Travis Just, voice
Kara Feely, mp3 player/actions
Paula Matthusen, programming/electronics

November 2011: Incubator Arts Project, NYC; 2013: London and Birmingham, UK

photos by Hunter Canning