Notes From Sub-Underground

January 20th, 2017 was Inauguration Day. To mark this new, challenging, political inflection-point we, the artists involved in this compilation, released Notes from Sub-Underground a collection of material: music, sound, and assorted aural ephemera. It was a project put forth by over 50 artists from across multiple disciplines and practices.

Notes from Sub-Underground was available as a digital download to anyone who contributed ANY amount (even $1).

100% of the proceeds contributed were donated to the American Civil Liberties Union. In lieu of that bundling, please consider contributing to this or another, similarly engaged organization.

Notes from Sub-Underground is not a substitute for direct political action in the face of difficult circumstances. But as purveyors of experimental performance/music/theater/art, producing work is something we are good at. Subterranean networks are the lifeblood of experimental art. It is a corollary for political activity. We flex these muscles now, to strengthen the ties across our communities.

This compilation features only American artists. Obviously we are aware that this event in American politics impacts the entire world, quite possibly in terrible disproportion. And we want borders to be erased. Nonetheless, it seems best to us, for the purposes of this compilation, to focus it thus.

the download link for the complete compilation in both FLAC and MP3 formats:

for FLAC (higher quality audio, larger file-size), the download link is:

for MP3 (lower quality audio, smaller file-size), the download link is:

If you are unfamiliar with FLAC files, we recommend VLC player for playback. It is free and can handle most media formats ( Also VLC has mobile versions.

If you are having issues with the download or the files, please don’t hesitate to write.





Artists included:
Brian Adler, Casey Anderson, Ranjit Bhatnagar, G. Douglas Barrett, Bob Bellerue, Lea Bertucci, Christopher Botta+String Noise (Conrad Harris+Pauline Kim Harris), Jason Cady, Mallory Catlett/Black-Eyed Susan, Scott Cazan, Carolyn Chen, Tom Chiu, Steve Dalachinsky, Bill Dietz, Dither Guitar Quartet, Brendan Dougherty, Shayna Dunkelman, Kevin Farrell, Jim Findlay, Richard Foreman, iT Boy, Nick Hallett, Brian Harnetty, John Hastings, Ryan Holsopple/31 Down James Ilgenfritz, Jantar, Bonnie Jones, Dan Joseph, David Kant, Catherine Lamb, Zach Layton, Catrin Lloyd-Bollard, Jonathan Marmor, Christopher McIntyre, Brian McCorkle, Paula Matthusen, Devin Maxwell, Aaron Meicht, MIL KDU DES, Phill Niblock, Object Collection (Kara Feely+Travis Just), Ensemble Pamplemousse, Fulya Peker, Michael Pisaro, Dean Rosenthal, Matana Roberts, Ric Royer, David Schafer, Aaron Siegel, Andrew C. Smith, Matthew Evan Taylor, Suzanne Thorpe, Quentin Tolimieri, Michael Vincent Waller, Philip White+Melissa Hughes, Owen Weaver+Tristan Perich, Jeremy Woodruff, and MORE!