Problem Radical(s)

Problem Radical(s) is an experimental opera mixing everyday radical acts, a sprawling sculpture, massive inflating tarps, industrious performers, and hardcore noise. Each night, the performers navigate an ever-expanding, unstable installation. Musicians and singers reassemble the modular electronic and instrumental score, evoking American radical thinkers, civic activists, and maneuverable personal blimps.

Writer/director: Kara Feely
Composer: Travis Just
Installation: Hannah Dougherty
Video: Daniel Kötter
Costume Designer: Peter Ksander
Lighting Designer: Miranda k. Hardy
Stage Manager: Sarah Nerboso
Associate Producer: Morgan von Prelle Pecelli
Performers: Karl Allen, Sarah Dahlen, Francesco Gagliardi, Caitlin McDonough Thayer
Musicians: Kevin Farrell, Travis Just, James Moore
Design Assistants: Peiyi Wong, Stacey Berman, Sara Patterson

April-May, 2009: Performance Space 122, NYC
July 2008: Artist Residency at Abrons Arts Center, NYC

``Problem Radical(s) is an experimental theatricalist opera just the way such things should be and rarely are. Creators Kara Feely and Travis Just have created a sophisticated collision between elegant formal considerations and the disruptive garbage of a world going down the drain that is exciting and exhilarating. The spectator is swept away in its delirious mix and emerges clear and emotionally refreshed.``

Richard Foreman

``It's shows like this that shut down the NEA``


``...`{`t`}`he sheer noise, aural and visual, packs a Richard Foreman-esque thrill. Just's electronic, antimelodic score has drama and humor, and Hannah Dougherty's environment seems packed with incipient incident.``

Time Out New York

photos by Danielle Colburn