The Geometry

The Geometry is an experimental chamber opera evoking the bio-technological sublime through video gaming rituals, soap opera death spectacles, paranormal houseplants, and an overabundance of sensorial stimulants. Performed within a compartmentalized structure of interlocking stages, the audience’s perspective shifts and reconfigures along with the space.

``a perfect high-low cultural mashup``

The L Magazine

``a Willy Wonka ride``

Time Out New York

``highly recommended...Object Collection is a rarity, marrying cutting-edge new music with cutting-edge theatrical performance practice``

Superfluities Redux

Writers: Kara Feely and Jennifer Walshe
Director: Kara Feely
Composer: Jennifer Walshe
Video: Kara Feely and Travis Just
Set Designer: Peter Ksander and Peiyi Wong
Costume Designer: Stacey Berman
Lighting Designer: Ben Kato
Stage Manager: Casey Llewellyn
Performers: Francesco Gagliardi, Avi Glickstein, Eric Magnus, Fulya Peker
Musicians: Travis Just, James Moore, Jennifer Walshe

March 2010: The Chocolate Factory Theater, NYC

Supported in part by the Arts Council of Ireland and Culture Ireland.